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! Name
! Name
! Color
! Color

Latest revision as of 14:46, 25 February 2020

Name Color Example
Background 0x052329
Margin 0x183848
Margin_Hover 0x184d68
Margin_Active 0x108090
Cursor 0x90C090
Highlight 0x0010FF
Default 0xD0C0A0
Comment 0x40C040
Str_Constant 0x40B0A0
Int_Constant 0x80F0E0
Preproc 0xB0FFB0
Ghost_Character 0x46494D
Paste 0xFFBB00
Undo 0x00FFBB
Highlight_Junk 0x3A0000
Highlight_White 0x003A3A
Bar 0xD8B488
Pop1 0x20D0e0

Based on a transcription by Phillip Trudeau.

See also: https://pastebin.com/5tTEjWjL